Top Aerospace Engineering Schools Offering Master’s Programs

Aerospace Engineering, while a relatively new science, is gaining ground among the many engineering programs. Graduates are all but assured of high-paying jobs in NASA or in the airline industry. But Aerospace majors who want to gain a strong foothold in the industry need to further their education by attending grad school. Below are the top aerospace engineering schools offering graduate programs:

#1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

top aerospace engineering schools

MIT is the top destination for engineer hopefuls. They offer a comprehensive course in Aerospace Engineering, with an undergraduate and a post-grad program. They share the number 1 spot with California Institute of Technology as the best aerospace engineering post-grad school. You can expect tuition fees ranging around $41,000 when you enroll with MIT. But you can be assured with a top-notch engineering education.

#2. California Institute of Technology

top aerospace engineering schools

Shares the number one spot with MIT. California Institute of Technology, also known as Caltech, in Pasadena, California is another university that specializes in engineering. They are not as big compared to other universities — churning out graduates at roughly just half of the other schools. But their Division of Engineering and Applied Science provides quality education for engineering students (with Aerospace Engineering being one of their premium majors on offer). Tuition cost around $38,000.

#3. Stanford University

top aerospace engineering schools

Stanford ranks second in the best aerospace engineering school category (behind number 1 MIT). For their Aerospace Engineering Program,  they sit at the number 3 position with California Institute of Technology edging by a small margin. Stanford, as a university, has already earned its pedigree as one of the America’s premier universities. Stanford’s tuition fee is slightly higher at $44,000.

#4. University of Michigan—Ann Arbor

top aerospace engineering schools

University of Michigan takes pride in their graduate programs, especially in the fields of Aerospace Engineering and Nuclear Science, where they rank number 3 (tied with Stanford University) and number 2 respectively. They employ a more hands-on project-based learning program. Full time tuition is at $25,000 for in-state and $42,000 for out of state.

#5. Georgia Institute of Technology

top aerospace engineering schools

#5. Georgia Institute of Technology—in lone 5th place is Georgia Tech or Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. Georgia Tech offers an extensive degree option, with Aerospace Engineering as one of the programs they specialize. GT is value-for-money when it comes to tuition rates. They offer tuition in the $10,000 range for full-time in-state and $26,000 for out of state.

So take your pick; it shouldn’t be hard to choose.

The top aerospace engineering schools can certainly spell the difference if you want to be an accomplished aerospace engineer. The program may be challenging, but choosing the right school is not rocket science.