Iwo Jima Facts – Its real history

Iwo Jima was invaded by the Americans in the midst of the World War II. This took place as an answer for a need to have a base. This was situated near the coast of the Japanese. Preparatory air was elaborated here. This was coupled with naval bombardment too. All of these will be stumbled upon by those who will be researching about Iwo Jima facts. As a matter of fact, there were US marine divisions which all landed on a particular island. This occurred way back in the year 1945, February to be more exact.

Needless to say, there were almost 23,000 Japanese army who tried to defend the navy troops. These were responsible in fighting against the real elaborate network of dugouts, caves and even tunnels. These were also considered to be underground installations. It cannot be denied that there was difficulty because of certain conditions. This was the time when the marines had to wipe out the involved defending forces after they fought for a month. The said battle has enabled some to earn a respective place in the lore of the Americans. A photograph was publicized here. This showed the US flag which was raised as a sigh of victory.

37mm_Gun_fires_against_cave_positions_at_Iwo_Jima.jpg (640×549)

The term was – American amphibious invasion. This was directed towards the Iowa Jima. This was meant to be the key island which was found in the Bonin chain. This was roughly of 575 miles. This came from the Japanese coast alone. Aside from this, it was sparked by a certain desire to place the B-29 bombers that damaged the lands of Japan without even returning to that of the Marianas. This was also directed towards a base which was for the escort fighters. This was responsible in assisting the said bombing campaign.

As a defense, almost 23,000 Japanese army and even that of navy troops who were given protection. However, they were attacked by three divisions of marine. This was undertaken after an elaborate preparation of air and even that of naval bombardment. It was said that there were almost sixty-eight hundreds of bombs, and these were twenty-two thousand shells. The battle was then being marked by most changes which were always in the defense of the Japanese. There were tactics-troops who do not have to defend the beach anymore. However, concentrated island was meant to be handled here. The marines during such times experienced a particular success. But then, they were bogged down because of an attritional warfare.

Since the incident, the Japanese people were seen fighting from most elaborate network of caves. The same is also true with dugouts, tunnels and even that of underground installations. They created one which was hard to find and destroy. The whole garrison was wiped out though with the exemption of 1,083 prisoners. As for the loss of Americans – there were 5,900 people who died and almost 17,400 of them were wounded. The U.S Marine Corps were provided enduring images by Joe Rosenthal, a photographer. This picture involved the raising of the flag which was said earlier in this article.